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Why use short-term storage between moves

Removals and storage go hand in hand, as one often leads to the need for the other. There are a whole bunch of reasons why you might need or want to store your possessions when you move house. You may want to redecorate or renovate your new home, you could be between houses, maybe there’s a problem on moving day or you could be moving abroad or for work.

Container Storage - Perry Removals

Redecoration and renovation
Most new homes need some work, and usually it’s impossible to do this prior to moving. It’s going to be way easier to redecorate or knock down that wall without all your furniture and possessions in the way.

Between moves
To avoid being in a chain, it could be that you decide to sell your house first and then rent before you find your new home. If this is your chosen option, then the house you rent may be smaller or full or part furnished, and so may not have enough room for all your furniture and possessions.

Unforeseen problems
It could be that you’ve sold your home and suddenly the chain falls through at the last minute.

Moving abroad or for work
Your move may be temporary, or you may need to store some furniture and belongings before you find a new property.

Container Storage
Whatever the reason, sometimes the moving process is more complicated than you’d like it to be! So, what do you do with all your possessions? Perry’s temporary container storage is the answer. It’s a really convenient way of storing household goods if you don’t need access to them in between moves.

Note: Many people who consider longer term storage for their belongings opt for self-storage for the benefit of access. Not only is this a more expensive option, but research also shows that most people who pay for this convenience rarely visit their chosen facility, so ask us about how much you can save with container storage.

Once your items have been wrapped and packed at your house, they are loaded into wooden ‘breathable’ storage containers held inside a purpose-built removal van (pantechnicon). The containers are then sealed and transported to our depot where they are stored in our secure warehouse until you are ready to have them delivered to your new home.

Each container is meticulously inventoried before it’s sealed, and your goods can be held for the short or long term. Larger or more awkward items can be held on shelves and racking and insurance can be obtained at the time of booking.
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