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What to consider when you’re downsizing

There can be a variety of reasons for downsizing. If you’re thinking about moving to a smaller home, then looking at the aspects of downsizing in advance can help to make the process both easier and less stressful.

Getting started

Firstly, keep your eye on the property market. You want to get the best possible price for your current home, so that hopefully you can free up some money when you downsize. Also think about the kind of place you want to move to. Is it in your local area? Or are you moving somewhere completely different, maybe more rural or near the coast? If you’re thinking of going somewhere new, then do your research on property prices, facilities, transport links etc.


When you move home it’s always a great opportunity to rid yourself of things which you no longer want or use, but when you move somewhere smaller it becomes a crucial aspect to consider. It’s advisable to start planning and thinking about decluttering several months beforehand. And it’s not just about those old clothes or paperwork. When you downsize, the footprint of your new home is smaller, so you need to think about what will fit in there. Some furniture will have to go! Make sure that you have accurate measurements and floor plans of all the rooms in your new property so that you can work out which of your furnishings will fit and where they will go. Anything that you can’t take with you will need to be given away, sold or put into self-storage in advance of your move.


It could be that you don’t have time to properly evaluate what you want to keep or dispose of before your move, and it can be difficult and emotional to let go of your possessions. If that’s the case, then self-storage could be the ideal solution. You don’t want to regret giving away or selling items that you later wish you’d kept, or perhaps furniture that your children or grandchildren may find useful at a future date. You could take your essential items (and those of sentimental value) with you to your new property and then put some other things into a self-storage unit to sort through later on.

Also work out how much storage space you’ll have in your new home. Is there a boarded loft or built in cupboards? These considerations could affect your decisions around what to take with you and what to put into storage or sell.

Peace of mind

Regardless of where you’re moving to, it is well known that moving is one of life’s more stressful experiences. If you hire us, you can have the confidence and peace of mind that your move will be carried out to the most professional of standards, because at Perry’s customer satisfaction and quality service are our top priorities. 

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