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Video Surveys with Perry Removals

Video surveys started to become more common during the Covid crisis as the only possible option but have fast become the norm for removals companies due to the benefits they offer. Customers and clients no longer need to book days off work for the sole purpose of arranging an on-site home or office survey; now it can be done over WhatsApp or Facetime, on a day and time when it’s convenient.

The benefits of video surveys
As well as the convenience and efficient time-saving aspect of connecting virtually, it’s a great way for us as a company to reduce our carbon footprint. Reducing the use of cars reduces our CO2 emissions. And you can be sure that the service we provide is of the same quality whether via video or face-to-face.

How does it work?
All you need is a fully charged smart phone or tablet with WhatsApp or Facetime installed, along with a good wi-fi connection. We’ll call you up and our experienced video surveyor will have a chat and explain what you need to do. If you have any queries, you can ask them on the call. The surveyor will then ask you to move around your home or office pointing your device at all relevant items and will consult with you as you go. Examples of areas you could be asked to film are:

  • External areas: to show the access and parking, along with the contents of the garden, shed and garage which are to be moved.
  • Internal areas: to show the contents and furniture in each room (including the attic) which are to be moved.

Both face-to-face and video surveys are part of our free, no obligation quoting service so there’s no charge.

What happens after the survey?
Once the survey has been completed, our surveyor will prepare a written quotation to send over to you.
Quick and easy process
Video surveys can provide the same comprehensive and accurate information as a face-to-face survey and are a great way to speed up the moving process, whether the move is domestic or commercial. Contact us for further details on 0800 211 8030.

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