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The benefits of shredding

Whether for personal or work documents, shredding is the ideal way to clear space in your home or office whilst keeping sensitive information protected.

Personal shredding

Identity theft is often in the news, and cases are on the rise every year. Though much of this crime takes place via phone, email, or text messaging, many of us still have our personal details on documents we receive through the post, perhaps on bank statements, financial investment, or insurance documentation. Armed with your personal details, criminals can exploit that information to open retail accounts or obtain loans or credit cards.

With this in mind it’s crucial to take extra care to protect your personal information and dispose of anything recording your details with extra care. It’s possible to buy a small shredder to use at home but using them can be frustrating and time consuming. Most can only shred a small amount at a time and if you use them for too long, they can overheat so you have to wait for them to cool down before you start again! And then there’s the recycling. If you put your shredded paper in your home recycling bin it could end up in landfill and some Local Authorities won’t accept shredded paper at all.  


Commercial shredding

Shredding can save you money! With commercial rates rising (a 10% increase has been reported this year), office space is becoming more expensive. Space is at a premium, so along with the obvious security considerations, it’s important to free up more office space for staff or to simply reduce the square footage you pay for. Shredding old paperwork that you don’t need can help you to unclutter your offices or free up that space.

Security wise, it’s crucial to shred confidential documents to protect them from data thieves. A safe and secure way of disposing of these documents also needs to be evidenced in order to meet GDPR requirements and is a good option to give both your clients and employees confidence in the professionalism of your business. It’s also worth remembering that outsourcing your shredding to a trustworthy company can save you both money and time. Something we all need more of!

Not only can Perry’s offer a secure shredding service, if you need to keep documents safely off-site, our document storage facilities are first-rate. You can be sure that your archiving will be housed in a dry, secure container allocated only to you, and will be easily accessible within office hours.


Perry’s Data Shred

Perry’s Data Shred are credited with a British Standard, BS EN 15713 – ‘Secure destruction of confidential material’ and is ideal for personal or commercial clients. We provide a secure, confidential service and, as we have a strong commitment to the environment and reducing our carbon footprint, you can be sure that all the paper shredded is sent back to a paper mill to be reused.

You can book either a one-off collection or something more regular for your business. If you book regular collections, we provide a bin (for either inside the office or out) which is emptied at a pre-arranged date and time into bags to be removed and shredded off-site. Special rates are offered for large quantities. The collections could be weekly, monthly or bespoke. For one-off collections, bags are provided, along with security tags for sealing. With either type of collection, a Certificate of Destruction will be sent to you once the paper has been securely disposed of.


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