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Storage and disposal

Perry’s offer a full service to businesses on the move, including storage and the ethical disposal (through recycling or reusing) of any unwanted furniture or equipment.

To take the stress out of your move all business storage and disposal requirements will be added into your plan and quoted for in advance by our dedicated relocation manager.

If there is a delay between your office clearance and moving into your new space, we can store all your furniture and equipment in our wooden container storage system, which can then be transported to you for unloading at your convenience. We can dispose of any unwanted items for you, with recycling and reuse as our first port of call.

Any confidential paperwork can be archived in our secure warehouse which you can access during office hours, or we have a shredding service if you need it to be destroyed.

Perry Removals business storage & disposal

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What does our removals service include

We will hold on to all of your office furniture and equipment until you need them, this could be short-term or long-term. Whatever you need!


If you have rarely used documents that you need to archive, we can store them in a safe environment, out of your way, but accessible when you need them. Files are stored in standard sized archive boxes, or in your own boxes if you prefer. They are then stored in a container allocated only to you which is accessible during office hours.

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You may need to dispose of your archived documents at some point in the future. Our confidential shredding service is backed up by a ‘guaranteed certificate of destruction’ so you can be sure that your security isn’t compromised at any stage.

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Don’t worry! We won’t leave anything behind that you don’t want. We’ll take it all away and recycle or reuse everything that we can.


We have a separate company Perry Datashred who will be happy to collect and shed all confidential material to British Standards.

Storage is quoted separately as invariably customers tend to store longer than they expect too.

Perrys have regular collections throughout the week, please contact us.

We try to donate as furniture to charities so they can distribute as fit.

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