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Moving in later life

If you’re over 55 and living in the UK you may well be one of the 1-in-4 homeowners now planning to downsize. The decision to move home is a big one, particularly in later life, and there are practical considerations, as well as emotional ones to consider for those thinking of moving.

Specialist in senior moves

With over 70 years’ experience in carrying out senior moves at Perry’s we know how important it is to ensure your move or that of your loved one, is a positive experience throughout the entire process. We take the time to listen, understand the requirements of your unique move and, provide a proposal that meets your needs perfectly. After carrying out more than 23,000 moves we know that no two moves are ever the same. Each is unique and we treat you, our customer, in the same way.

Perry Removals Retirement Moving

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Perry Removals Retirement Moving

Why you might choose to move when you retire

Moving to a smaller property – downsizing – is a decision many people in the UK choose to do as they approach retirement or once they have, retired.

If you have a large family home and the kids have flown the nest, selling up and buying something smaller could help provide you with a sizeable retirement fund so that you can live much more comfortably than relying on just your pensions alone.

Whether it’s living in the countryside or by the sea, downsizing can free up the extra funds needed to make it happen. What’s more a smaller property is much easier to look after than a house with more rooms than you need or want.

The good news is that selling your main home doesn’t normally result in a tax bill though you could be liable for stamp duty on the new property so do check out what the financial implications are. There are also lots of options to consider though such as equity release and it is important to consider which is best for your needs, so we would advise you to talk to someone you trust about your financial options.

When you need a little more help

Some senior moves may not be through choice alone, rather the person we are moving requires additional help or assistance and may be moving into community accommodation, a care home or a nursing home. When this is the case we sometimes discuss the move with the person that is moving though often we talk it through with family members. Whoever our main contact is you can be assured that everyone at Perry’s will treat everyone with dignity and respect and do our utmost to make the transition a seamless one.

Retirement Moving
Perry Removals Packing

What does our removals service include

Every move is different and as a customer of Perry’s you’ll benefit from a planned move as individual as you are. From your first moment of contact right up to the moment we place your final box or piece of furniture in your new home we provide a first class removal service. You can also choose to make use of any of our other services that include:

Our trained packers know exactly what materials to use for any possession to ensure it is transported safely to your new home or into storage. If you choose to do the packing yourself we’ll give the materials – and tips – to do so.

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You may not be able to move into your new home immediately in which case we can offer short term storage or, if there are things you want to store for longer we can also accommodate you for this. All goods are stored in our secure warehouse at very reasonable rates.

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We all accumulate paperwork and while some of it – such as Deeds or a grandchild’s drawing – needs to be kept safe – a great deal of it can almost certainly be got rid of. Perry’s offer a secure document shredding service backed up by a ‘guaranteed certificate of destruction’ so you know your security isn’t compromised at any stage. What’s more we offer all of our home moving customers two free bags of shredding.

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In addition to our core services, we can also help with jobs you may not want to do yourself such as dismantling -and re-assembling – beds and wardrobes as well as removing some light fixings. Just ask.


We’re more than happy to do the packing for you. You can do it yourself of course and we can supply the right amount of materials for that. But as you can imagine doing it day in and day out, our fully trained packers will be able to pack everything far quicker and more securely than you’ll be able to do. Just ask us for a quote, to do part or all of it.

We’ll discuss this with you when we’ve prepared the quotation. Our estimators are exceptionally good at calculating the volumes for moves and the space they will take up on the vehicle(s). This combined with the number of crew, the access and any special items will determine the time needed to load up your belongings. 

Many moves are still scheduled for completion on a Friday when it can be hard to get hold of solicitors, banks or agents. It’s something we’re very used to, and we’ll try and be as flexible as possible. We try not to but after a certain time we may need to charge overtime or extra hours (as on the quotation) or we also provide a Delay Charge Waiver, where you pay a small premium to cover this eventuality. Similarly, it may be that the previous owners are delayed in vacating their property; especially if it’s a self-move, it can be much harder to do than people think!

Assuming it’s been surveyed and quoted for, and it is boarded, safe and with suitable access and lighting our crews will remove your possessions from the loft for you.

As a BAR Member, Perrys have to meet certain criteria to join – and remain – a member and not all movers can meet those standards. We’re audited annually and must adhere to the Membership Criteria and Code of Practice. If there’s a problem that can’t be resolved there’s also a route for customers to make a complaint and if required, go through a dispute process. Thankfully we’ve not had to do that at Perry’s for many years. Visit

Choosing Perry’s to carry out your move means you are protected by the BAR Advanced Payment Guarantee (APG). So, if you have paid in advance and we cease trading, your move will be carried out at no extra cost by another Member.

Don’t take our word for it, here’s what our customers had to say…

I can't speak highly enough about Perry Removals, they went over and above with service yesterday. The guys were so helpful as it wasn't an easy move, but they cracked on and nothing was too much trouble, everything was done with a smile. Thank you all, you made a difficult day for my sister-in-law the best it could be.