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Moving your outdoor space: what to take and how to move it.

It can be easy to overlook how much you want or need to take with you from outdoor spaces when you move home: garden furniture; plants, shrubs and small trees in pots; hanging baskets; lighting; chimineas, firepits or pizza ovens; children’s items like trampolines, swings or slides; or even greenhouses, sheds or summerhouses. And then there’s the contents of your garden shed or lock-up ­– tools, lawnmowers, bikes etc. Once you begin to work out how much you want to move it quickly starts to add up!

Moving plants

Not all removal companies are insured for carrying plants as they are deemed to be a ‘live item’, and some will not move heavy plant pots or allow them on their trucks. If your plants are in heavy or breakable pots (frost damage or roots can cause breaks which cause the pot to fracture when moved, and wooden pots or troughs can rot over time), it’s advisable to repot them into lighter and less breakable plastic pots a few weeks before the move. This will make them easier to handle, and also means that the more valuable pots can be wrapped in blankets or bubble wrap to be moved more safely.

Take advice from your chosen removal company about how to pack your plants. They need to be tightly packed and padded in boxes or containers, and some taller plants will need tubing or clingfilm to keep them safe. It’s also a good idea to use newspaper or cheap felt to press over plant pot tops to keep the soil in place, and don’t water them immediately before the move as this will just add weight to the pots.

It’s also important to remember that plants, shrubs and trees which are growing in your garden (in the ground rather than in pots) form part of the sales agreement (included in the homes fixtures and fittings) when you sell your house, unless the removal of them has been written into the agreement at the time of the sale (an itemised list would need to be provided). So, if you start uprooting your favourites to take with you, you may be invalidating the sale and falling foul of the law. The same rule would apply to outdoor structures such as greenhouses, sheds or summerhouses.


Moving garden furniture and extras

If you’re paying for a packing service, then your garden furniture can be included in the quote. If you’re packing it yourself, the best protection can be had by wrapping the furniture in blankets or/and bubble wrap. Items such as lights, pizza ovens etc. need to be bubble wrapped and, if possible, placed in boxes. If the items are large, then you’ll need to dismantle them before the move.


Children’s garden equipment

You can request that your removal company dismantle and reassemble items such as trampolines, climbing frames, swings and slides (though this will incur an extra fee), or you can do this yourself. Note that not all play equipment can be moved. Sometimes nuts and bolts can rust solid if they have been outside for a long time and professionally installed equipment is often concreted into the ground. Make sure that you label a bag to put all the screws or connectors into – one bag for each item of equipment. It’s wise to have a box dedicated to these types of ‘odds’, so that you know where they all are when you reach your destination.


Greenhouses, sheds and summerhouses

Removal companies do not usually dismantle and re-erect garden structures. If they don’t, then it’s possible to find specialist firms who will do this for you, or you can do it yourself. Be aware that sometimes glass hardens in the sun and can become very brittle, so consider if the structure is actually worth moving. At Perry’s we do not move greenhouses, but we can move garden sheds and summer houses if the necessary additional materials are provided, such as new felt for the roof. Also, a concreted area needs to exist when the structure is to be repositioned at the new home.


The contents of your garage or garden shed

You may have lots of garden equipment with sharp blades or spiky ends. Wrap the ends in newspaper and bubble wrap and bundle the long-handled tools together. Also, tape any sharp-edged tools shut before you wrap them up. Any power tools need to be put in boxes. You’ll need to responsibly dispose of (or transport yourself) the kind of items which removal companies will not carry, such as pesticides, oil, gas, paint, anti-freeze etc. You could give them to a friend or neighbour if they are still usable or take them to your local recycling centre. Remember that petrol mowers and any other equipment which uses petrol should be drained or run dry.


Happy to help

If you’re unsure about what to do with any of the items in your garden, ask our advice. At Perry’s we specialise in stress-free moves so we are always happy to help.

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