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It is important that for peace of mind your furniture and possessions are all covered by transit insurance during your move.

Insurance can often seem a little daunting and although we are unable to advise on insurance policies or values, we are happy to discuss what is available through Perry Removals Ltd.

UK domestic moves

This can be done in a number of ways. Very often existing household insurers will cover your goods throughout the move at no extra cost and without any increase in premium for your new home. If you are doing your own packing, this may be the best way to cover yourself, as owner packed goods will not normally be covered by any Removers policy.

Also, if you have ‘New for Old cover’ with your own insurer, this is rarely available through any Remover at an economic rate. Please check your household policy to see what cover, if any, you already have. Alternatively, subject to BAR standard terms and conditions and our Insurers policy terms, we at Perrys can offer top quality cover.

Insurance is quoted separately, so you do not need to pay any VAT on the premium. Our quoted price is per £1000 of cover and already includes the government Insurance Premium Tax. You should consider covering your goods for their full value but remember on moving day you will probably have jewellery, mobile phones, and iPads etc with you and not loaded on to the lorry, so only take out cover for the goods that are actually to be consigned as part of the removal.

Please remember if there is an incident, and you haven’t opted to take our transit insurance and paid the relevant premium, you will need to claim off your household policy. In this event your right to claim against Perrys would be restricted in line with the terms of the British Association of Removers.

Storage insurance

As with the UK moves above, you may be able to arrange your own insurer to cover your goods whilst in our warehouse, so please check your policy.

Alternatively, we can offer cover subject to the conditions mentioned above. Please remember, we can only offer cover to and from storage and whilst in store if you instruct us to arrange insurance throughout the whole Removals AND Storage process.

Cover must be continuous AND the premiums must be fully paid up.

Overseas marine/air cargo moves

Export and Import removals need to be covered under a specialist Marine Cargo policy. The premium will depend on the destination country to which the goods are being shipped and their value. You should insure the goods to their value in the destination country and you might also wish to insure the shipping fees, to cover the cost of sending replacements out if they are not available in that country. You will need to complete a declaration form which is available from our office.

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