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Environmental Policy

ISO 14001/2015

The Directors of Perry Removals Services Ltd are committed to ensure compliance with all Environmental Legislation and guidelines which relate to employment and activities throughout Great Britain and Northern Ireland. They are also compliant with all European Union regulations which have been endorsed by the British Government.

The Company understands its obligations to the community and the need to protect the environment from pollution and to use recycled products where practicable and to recycle any waste. It communicates this policy to all its employees. Skips are used to hold material for recycling. These are sorted for re-use or disposal in the Recycle Area. Materials for re-use are returned to the appropriate area, cardboard and waste paper is recycled wherever possible. Waste material is placed in a skip for ultimate disposal.

A Committee will be formed with top management participation to discuss and set the objectives, check the monitoring and analysis for compliance and to see that the objectives are achieved or where necessary amend for continual improvement.

The Directors are ultimately responsible and administer all environmental matters.

External resources are used from time to time to assist in the application of certain environmental matters. Environmental Inspections are undertaken in conjunction with this Environmental Policy and non-compliances are corrected.

The Company is fully compliant and certified to BS EN ISO 14001 • 2015

This Policy is issued under the authority of the Directors and complies with the employers Duty of Care and requires all personnel to comply with the employees Duty of Commitment.

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